3 Ways to Drive Sales Success with Smart Predictive Dialer Technology

Learn how predictive dialers can simplify calls, predict outcomes, personalize interactions, and refine training.
3 Ways to Drive Sales Success with Smart Predictive Dialer Technology

If you’re in sales, you know that your agents are under increasing pressure to hit their quotas. To do that, they’ll need qualified leads and shouldn’t waste their time cold calling prospects who won’t pick up the phone. Predictive dialing technology was first developed to eliminate manual dialing and automate outbound calling. Advances in predictive dialers are continuing to change the game. By automatically dialing multiple numbers simultaneously and transferring any answered calls to a live agent, cold calling is more efficient than ever before.

These systems also help filter out unsuccessful calls, whether no one picks up, the line is busy or the call goes to voicemail—so agents are only dealing with live calls. But that’s just the beginning: The latest advances in predictive dialer technology can help increase contact rates and boost conversion rates.

Here are three ways predictive dialers can help drive sales success:

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  1. Predict call outcomes
  2. Personalize customer interactions
  3. Improve training and quality control

1. Predict call outcomes

With the use of automation, data analytics and machine learning—a subset of artificial intelligence (AI)—predictive dialers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with the ability to predict call outcomes and improve workflows.

For example, using algorithms, the technology can ‘learn’ from previous data and predict the best time to call leads (or follow up), so your agents can use their time more efficiently.

2. Personalize customer interactions

Because predictive dialers are software-based, they can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems to improve lead targeting. That means your agents have customer data at their fingertips during a live call—such as their purchase history and preferences—making it easier to engage, cross-sell and upsell.

Customers don’t want to feel like a number. With CRM data integrated into your outbound dialer, your team can personalize interactions, leading to higher conversion rates.

3. Improve training and quality control

Predictive dialer software can help your team review interactions with customers and identify any areas for improvement, which helps with training and quality control. For example, Readymode offers built-in reporting tools for real-time visibility into sales performance, so you can see what’s working—and what’s not—to maximize your agents’ productivity.

What’s next?

As the technology evolves, predictive dialers will become even more powerful. Advanced algorithms will learn from previous customer interactions, helping to better understand their behaviors and preferences—ultimately resulting in more successful calls, and faster closed deals.

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