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With firsthand experience navigating the call center industry’s challenges, our founder, Jason Jantz, transitioned from a call center manager to an owner. He encountered the industry’s pain points daily—capped dialing speeds, costly usage rates, unreliable lead lists, compliance hurdles, and the struggle to get the right people, the right technology and the right amount of leads – all at the right time. Inspired to provide genuine solutions, Readymode (formerly Xencall) was born.

There was no solution available that combined an efficient dialer with a CRM that actually worked. That’s when he set out to build what the industry needed – a piece of predictive dialing software unlike any other. He made sure to combine all the features he needed – speed, agile reporting, a customizable CRM – and added a few quality-of-life improvements – same-day dialing set up, excellent support, reliable uptime and a fully digital dialer.

Now, our customers love us for the lightning-fast dialing capabilities we provide. But speed is just the beginning– with us, every time you dial out, the call is timely, targeted, and intentional, and you’re able to connect with way more leads – without unnecessarily burning through your lead lists. Since 2014, we’ve achieved remarkable success and grown significantly as a company and as a team. In 2023 we were recognized by the Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies, so not only are we proud of our progress; we’re thrilled about the future. At Readymode, we’re more than software; we’re your partner in success.

Our Leadership.

At the heart of Readymode lies a dedicated leadership team whose rich experience and diverse expertise has been a central part of our success.


Jason Jantz

Jason Jantz is the CEO and founder of Readymode. With an extensive 25-year career exclusively focused on call centers and inside sales, Jason has developed a profound understanding of Readymode’s customers, their challenges, and the solutions they need.

Originally launched in 2014 under the name Xencall, the business has grown significantly under his leadership over the last decade, and the product has matured into a comprehensive call center solution.

His mastery as a leader lies in his perceptivity – he’s an excellent judge of character, and knows how to build strategic, collaborative, high performing teams. He’s equal parts an effective delegator and hands-on problem solver. These qualities have been pivotal in his career, and have created a strong, customer-focussed company culture within Readymode. 

Currently, he’s an active member of the BC Tech Association and R.E.A.C.H. (Responsible Enterprises Against Consumer Harassment), further underscoring his commitment to innovation and ethical operations within the contact center industry.

Outside of work, he enjoys golf, even if he modestly admits that Rob Auld outshines him. His dedication extends to coaching U11 girls’ soccer, showcasing his passion for nurturing talent. In an intriguing twist, he was once Ryan Gosling’s lifeguard on the iconic TV series, Breaker High.


Imed Yahmadi

Imed Yahmadi is at the core of Readymode’s product development as our CTO. He’s a hands-on, creative technology professional with more than 20 years of experience from “the bit to the click”.

Imed is an academic at heart, starting his career studying all things Computer Science, AI, Data Science, Mathematics and Internet Security. Across 9 years, he’s published several papers in prestigious journals and international conferences, co-authored award-winning patents and patent-pending filings, and worked for renowned research labs in France (INRIA) and Canada (INRS and LSFM).

As a pivotal figure in the Cloud Contact Center industry, Imed’s career is distinguished by key roles in major tech industry maneuvers through his contributions to Mediasoft and Elixonline, trailblazers in Programmable Voice, and in his time as Director of Engineering for Omnichannel at Five9. As the Director of R&D at Telephony@Work, Imed was instrumental in helping the company navigate through its significant acquisition by Oracle. These milestones underscore his influential presence in steering technology startups through complex, high-stakes mergers and acquisitions.

As a leader, Imed has an incredible ability to align his engineering team’s personal goals with the goals of the business, creating an environment that supports both personal development and sustainable business growth.

Looking forward, he’s driven to help Readymode achieve technical maturity while also continuing to solve valuable customer problems and delight end users. 

Imed’s passion for learning, coaching and developing others is stronger than ever. Outside of work, he’s an avid reader, and volunteers as a teacher and tutor for both young people and adults, to inspire and enable them through education.


Rob Auld

Rob Auld is Readymode’s fearless CRO. With a strong emphasis on rational leadership and radical transparency, his unique formula has been the catalyst for both the success of the businesses he’s involved with and the teams he supports.

With an extensive career as a sales leader at Telus, Salesforce and Avaya, Rob’s expertise and proven success has been demonstrated time and time again. Most notably, as the Global VP of Sales for SOTI, his lazer focus on entering new markets grew the company’s revenue to $100M in a whirlwind 3 years. Similarly, with sales under Rob’s leadership from 2019-2022, he helped Auvik double their revenue and secure $325M in funding from Great Hills Partners. 

Rob is a friend of failure, and believes that “if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough”. This radical attitude has been a key driver in his initiation of projects big and small – from complete business transformation at Telus, to the constant iteration of Readymode’s solutions. 

Looking forward, he’s eager to help Readymode achieve its next step through a combination of product growth, scaling the company’s operations and of course, entering new markets. 

Outside of work, Rob is a committed (totally obsessed) golfer, who spends as many days on the course as he can. His commitment to nurturing strong teams extends to coaching boys’ baseball for 15 years and basketball for 10. While his boys’ coaching days may be winding down, he’s just getting started on Readymode.

VP of Finance

Florence Cui

Florence Cui is Readymode’s detail-oriented Vice President of Finance. With a diverse background spanning all aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management, plus experience in M&A and SaaS environments, Florence is well positioned to support Readymode’s growth.

Her impressive experience is highlighted throughout her accomplishments over her last 16 years in the SaaS Industry. Florence has been a key part of the acquisition process of 4 separate companies including Layer 7 Technologies’ $180M acquisition by CA Technologies in 2013. She was also instrumental in leading Mobify’s finance team through their $60M acquisition by Salesforce in 2020.

In addition to her technical excellence, Florence is a caring mentor and deep listener. Whether her team is located next to her in-office, or across the globe, she ensures that every individual receives the support they need to flourish. 

With her eyes firmly set on the future, Florence is all-in on making Readymode a billion dollar business as an indispensable partner to Readymode’s executive team, and by fostering a culture of financial discipline and accountability throughout the company.

Fun fact: Florence’s career started in a way you might not expect – with a Bachelor of Engineering! After testing the waters in different sales and marketing roles, she ultimately returned to her love of numbers by completing her MBA in Finance from UBC, and later, her CPA designation. 

Leading the pack.

“I've been with Readymode for almost five years now and they're as good as it gets! What I like about their state-of-the-art system are all the customizable configurations and features, which have helped my productivity and business grow exponentially. In addition to that, their knowledgeable tech support department has been so helpful. Anytime I need something they're literally one call away. They're very patient and will take time to make sure that your dialer is running to its fullest potential. They've always been able to quickly assist in answering questions or concerns. It means a lot to know that I have a reliable system to count on and a team of experts to support me in anything I need. I would highly recommend this CRM if you're starting out or have a team that needs a system that can help propel your business to the next level.”

Verified User in Real Estate


“A great company to work with!

I've been working with Readymode for a while now and I have never been disappointed in the level of support that each division provides. Tech support is out of this world GREAT!! Always nice, always helpful, and my issues are solved in a timely matter. Billing is no different. Very helpful and always figuring out a way to provide excellent customer service.”

Brian Dunlap


Our Core Values.

At Readymode, we’re committed to helping people reach their full potential. Our core values shape the way we interact with our customers, grow our teams and develop our business.


We thrive on a proactive approach to innovation - we’re interested in new ideas for products and processes, no matter where they come from. We’re made up of people with unwavering enthusiasm who are eager to step up to the plate and embrace new challenges.


We believe in providing the tools, resources and opportunities people need to help them create a meaningful impact. We celebrate those who are courageous enough to lead by example and take ownership of their goals.


We encourage open communication, active listening, and a deep understanding of our colleagues, customers, and communities helps us create products, services and experiences that truly make a difference.


We take pride in everything that we do. To us, excellence is about executing, winning and making things happen – without compromising the quality of our work, products or relationships.

Your future is calling! Join Us.

Corporate Responsibility.

We’re proud to support the next generation of entrepreneurs through the Warren Kean Memorial Bursary. This bursary provides financial support to students who are enrolled in the Marketing Management Professional Sales program at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

We hold this bursary close to our heart as it’s named in honor of Warren Kean, the inaugural CEO and one of the original co-founders of Readymode (formerly known as Xencall).

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