Call center essentials - all features.

The all-in-one predictive dialer solution that connects your agents with more leads in less time through lightning-fast dialing, powerful automation, and reporting that rocks.

Security & Compliance.

Help your agents connect with leads faster, talk for longer, and skip the boring admin work.

Reporting & Analytics.

Help your agents connect with leads faster, talk for longer, and skip the boring admin work.

Agent Productivity.

Help your agents connect with leads faster, talk for longer, and skip the boring admin work.


Ditch manual dialing and drive more revenue by tripling your connect rate with Readymode’s feature-rich predictive dialer.

Do-Not-Call Lists

Import, export, filter and edit your DNC list with custom filtering for comprehensive telemarketing compliance.

Call Recording

Record all inbound and outbound phone calls or selected calls for compliance and quality assurance.

Firewall Security

Prevent your agents from signing in from home or other unsecured locations with our powerful firewall.

CRM Built-In

Utilize our all-in-one, built-in CRM to effectively manage leads and customers, no downloads or integrations required.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reporting, stats, and analytics for live agents, phone calls, campaigns and more.

API Capabilities

Connect to the system of your choice or build your own custom integration using our API capabilities.

Custom Agent Statuses

Create custom call center agent statuses as variables to generate dynamic agent and payroll reports.

Automated Tasks

Automatically prioritize your dialing lists and email reports to administrators on a recurring schedule.

Live Floor Monitoring

Monitor agent performance in real-time from one screen, with the ability to listen, whisper, or interject on a live call.

Agent Callback Calendar

Increase agent efficiency and productivity with personalized, agent-specific folders and callback calendars that sync with Google Calendar.

Appointment Calendars

Share unlimited appointment-queue calendars with users, synced to Google Calendar for easy appointment booking.

Inbound Queues

Create and configure unlimited inbound queues to route calls to specific available agents or groups of agents.

Inbound-Queue Strategy

Prioritize your inbound queues and select a ring configuration to strategically distribute inbound calls to your sales reps.

Custom Dispositions and Queues

Organize your leads to suit your workflow processes with custom call dispositions and queues.

Inbound-Queue Voicemail

Easily transfer a voicemail to an agent from group voicemail boxes on inbound queues and trigger email notifications.

Third-Party Lead Posting

Automatically post leads into Readymode from third-party lead vendors or your lead-generation website.

Custom Profile Fields

Customize a lead’s profile using different form fields and easily import/export the data or target it with your predictive dialer software.

Speed Configuration

Configure your predictive auto dialer speed to your specifications, or let the dialer automatically adjust your dialing speed in real-time.

Dialer and Webphone Built In

Call anytime to anywhere without landlines or physical phones, no extra fees or downloads required.

Blended Inbound and Outbound

Unrestricted inbound and outbound calling channels, fully blended for seamless efficiency.

Caller-ID Proximity Matching

Own and display phone numbers with area codes closest in proximity to all the leads you dial.

Agent and Dial-List Prioritization

Prioritize your agents and dialing lists through queues based on skill level and lead importance for optimal agent efficiency.

Inbound-Agent Intercept

Allow your sales team to intercept inbound calls from leads they initially contacted to build stronger sales relationships.

Dynamic Scripts

Dynamically generate custom sales scripts with embedded lead data to help your reps personalize their conversations.

Conference Calling

Use pre-configured conference rooms to bridge multiple callers internally and externally.


Allocate incoming calls from your main number to your agents’ extensions to keep them productive, and help customers reach the right people.


Easily forward callbacks to the right call center agent at the right time for more personalized service.

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