Solar Energy

Boost solar panel sales over the phone.

Maximize your solar business’ revenue with an all-in-one predictive dialer and CRM. Streamline your operations, seize solar panel sales opportunities, and empower your agents to close deals more efficiently than ever before.

Outshine your competition with call center software that’s made to scale.

Ditch the landlines and embrace the future of solar power sales with Readymode’s hybrid-cloud dialer. Boost sales, access rich customer data, raise productivity, and scale your operations effortlessly.

No hardware, no headaches.

Readymode’s hybrid-cloud infrastructure means we’re able to deliver high volume dialing and outstanding features affordably and fully digitally.

Target eligible buyers with data at your fingertips.

Populate lead profiles with information on local utility rates, energy providers, and solar panel installation financing options for laser-targeted pitches, and more closed deals. Plus, see which leads qualify for energy rebates before you dial.

Streamline channels.

Access your dialer and CRM from any device so field sales reps and solar installation teams can stay productive on the go.

Scale your business.

Keep pace with increasing demand for alternative and renewable energy. Stay agile by spinning up virtual call centers in targeted, high growth areas.

30% more appointments booked by Unified Global Solutions.

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Features tailored for renewable energy sales.

From calling and transferring to recording and reporting, Readymode offers a comprehensive suite of calling and routing features. Plus we’re a proud member of the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP), so we’re all in on helping your business deliver a sustainable future. Explore the full platform here.

Speed Configuration.

Make more connections. Boost your efficiency with a dialer that automatically adjusts your dialing speed in real-time, or configure it to your specifications.

Reporting and Analytics.

Optimize your sales strategy for solar panels. Detailed reporting, stats, and analytics for agents, calls, campaigns and more.

Caller-ID Proximity Matching.

Boost your connection rate. Own and display phone numbers with area codes closest to where all the leads you dial are located.

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"I love that I can create seperate scripts for different campaigns yet the dialer wil call multiple campaigns and offer the script that the data originates from. I am able to post leads to my CRM with the click of a button while statusing the lead at the same time. I can control the call results offered and manage the results as needed. Readymode is the best dialer I have used yet."

Gary K.

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