Healthcare and Medicare Insurance

Maximize contact rates and transfer more Medicare leads.

Create tailored outbound Healthcare and Medicare insurance campaigns with advanced campaign management, reporting, and analytics. Optimize your lead transfers per hour with a hassle-free dialing experience to maximize your ROI.

Competition for health insurance leads is intense - stay ahead of the pack.

Health insurance consumers consult an average of 12 resources over a period of four weeks (or even longer). Speed up the engagement cycle with Readymode’s best-in-class predictive dialer. You’ll reach more potential policyholders. Plus, with our integrated CRM, your agents will have all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Expand your reach.

Connect with more Medicare leads with lightning-fast predictive dialing software that optimizes its speed, automatically.

Make rapid, data-driven decisions.

Get a 360-degree view of your leads, prospects and agent performance to create an informed, comprehensive business strategy.

Accomplish more with one platform.

Connect your CRM and dialer to bring all your data into one system so your agents can spend more time talking to potential policyholders, and less time switching between tools.

Lead management made simple.

Capture a bird’s eye view of all your leads and update them with whatever custom form fields you need to help your agents personalize their conversations for better outcomes.

30% more appointments booked by Unified Global Solutions.

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Features built for healthcare insurance sales.

Unparalleled agent productivity, higher contact rates and more engaged leads are just the tip of the iceberg with Readymode’s all-in-one predictive dialer for Medicare. Explore the full platform here.

Speed Configuration

Connect with more policyholders, faster. Configure the predictive dialer speed to your specifications, or let the algorithm deliver your best results yet.

Flexible Campaign Management

Campaigns enable you to call and manage the same leads in a different way for each offering—almost as if you were operating a separate Readymode system.

Caller ID Management

Inspire trust with your Caller ID reputation. Maintaining a positive reputation will increase the likelihood of your calls being answered, leading to higher connect rates with meaningful lead engagement.

Automated Tasks

Automatically prioritize your dialing lists and email reports to administrators on a recurring schedule. Keep your call center running smoothly.

Effective Lead Management

Increase your transfers per hour. Create sales scripts for your reps with dynamically generated lead data embedded within each script.

Reporting and Analytics

Know where you and your agents stand at every stage of the sales cycle. Detailed reporting, stats, and analytics for live agents, phone calls, campaigns and more.

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"The performance of the system was phenomenal and the reporting makes it very easy to monitor how well the system is working. Their support team is also as good as it gets."

Tyler V.

Healthcare insurance resources.

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