How to Maximize the Reputation & Lifespan of Your DIDs

No one wants their phone numbers to be labeled as “Spam/Scam Likely.” For sales agents and call center businesses who use outbound dialing as a sales tool, understanding and adhering to the compliance requirements for contacting leads is a must. 

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers, and how you manage them, can impact your ability to connect with your potential customers. We’ll walk through three questions to ask to ensure you maximize the reputation and the lifespan of your DIDs.

What are DIDs?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers are phone numbers used by outbound dialing businesses to allow customers to contact a specific person or department directly, rather than going through an extension, a receptionist or into a queue. You may also see these types of phone numbers referred to as an “ANI” which stands for Automatic Number Identificaton. This means that when your customers dial a DID number, they’re directly connected to the person in your company who is associated with that number. This allows for a better customer experience and greater efficiency for your business.

Reach the correct call center agent with proper DID setup.

Why does DID reputation matter? 

Call centers, outbound sales agents, or anyone who does any kind of outbound dialing, must all deal with DID reputation issues. Sometimes even large, reputable companies have their numbers show up as “Spam” or “Scam Likely” when calling customers.

It’s a tricky proposition. Major carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc.) have contracts with different providers who have developed methods, databases and algorithms to manage DID reputation. All of which are different, and are black boxes. You might hear the names of these providers come up – the biggest of which are:

So what does this mean? We’ll probably never know for sure exactly how calls are marked as Spam/Scam, but we do know some things that’ll help you extend the lifespan of your DIDs.

How can I maximize the reputation (and lifespan) of my DIDs? 

If you want to maximize the reputation and lifespan of your DIDs, it’s imperative that you ask yourself these three questions: 

1. Is your DID registered to your business?

This is increasingly the number one factor in determining if your call is flagged as a nuisance or gets delivered to your lead. When you register your DID as belonging to your business, it sends a clear signal to carriers and consumers that you stand behind the calls that you’re making.

The best place to register your numbers is the Free Caller Registry.

2. Do you have enough DIDs?

You should aim to place fewer than 80 calls per phone number per day, on average. While there isn’t a published number that carriers look for, Readymode’s internal testing along with the best industry data available suggests that 100 calls is the maximum number of calls a single DID should place in a day.

Carriers assume that DIDs placing large numbers of calls are robocalls, and will very quickly flag high volume numbers as Spam/Scam Likely.

3. Do calls to your DIDs route to somewhere sensible?

When consumers call back into a number that’s called them, they should be able to: 

Carriers periodically do ringback testing (also known as, “Call Authentication”) to ensure that phone numbers making calls continually are linked to a reputable business – and failing a ringback test will get your number labeled Spam/Scam likely very quickly.

The 3 most effective steps to manage your DID Reputation

  1. Register your numbers
  2. Have enough DIDs to remain under 80 calls/day/phone number, on average
  3. Ensure your DIDs route sensibly when your leads call back

Following these three steps, along with ensuring you’re using a best-in-class dialing software that was built with compliance and security in mind, will help ensure the reputation of your DIDs remains intact. You’ll make more connections, increase your team’s effectiveness and your customers will know and trust the business who’s calling. 

Ilan Kagan

Director of Customer Success & Technical Support

Ilan Kagan is a veteran of some of Vancouver’s most successful bootstrapped startups, and with more than a decade of customer success experience, he’s made a career of helping customers get the most out of their technology.

As a strong leader and mentor, he’s passionate about helping his teams grow and thrive. Ilan has found success building teams who share his passion for exceptional customer experiences.

Ilan moved to Canada from South Africa in 2013. In his downtime, he’s a collector of random facts which he uses to defend his title of Pub Trivia Champion – with or without other people on his team.

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