Manage Telephone Sales Like a Pro

Discover how to effectively build a targeted list of prospects, develop persuasive scripts, and personalize your approach like a pro.
Manage Telephone Sales Like a Pro

In today's digital age, businesses often focus on online marketing and social media strategies to increase revenue. However, the telephone has been utilized for a long time which is where conversations become a powerful tool for sales and marketing.

Digital vs. Telephone Sales

The main driver for customer engagement and sales is human-to-human conversation. With digital outbound strategies like email - true engagement is often lost in the noise that simply cannot replicate what exists in telephone connections. In this blog, we'll discuss how you can increase sales calls and revenue by using the telephone.

Did you know?

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Buyer's Point of View

60% want to connect with sales during the consideration stage This is after they have researched their options.

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Sales Point of View

41%+ of salespeople believe their phones are the most effective sales tool at their disposal.

Key Aspects of Telephone Sales Success

While there are a lot of ways that you can increase revenue, these are a few key methods that you can rely on to achieve sales success when outbound dialing.

1. Build a targeted list of prospects

The first step to successful telephone sales is to build a targeted list of prospects. Start by identifying your ideal customer profile, including their industry, job title, company size, and location. Then, you can use various tools and resources to generate a list of leads that match your criteria, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo.

With ReadyMode, we help you build targeted call lists for lead capture with just a few clicks. Dial and nurture quality leads through different stages of the sales funnel without ever leaving your CRM software.

2. Develop a script and practice it

Once you have your list of prospects, it's time to develop a script for your sales calls. Your script should include a clear introduction, a value proposition, and a call to action. It's important to practice your script and be prepared to answer any questions or objections your prospect may have.

ReadyMode enables you to create new Scripts and manage them for your Agents to effectively handle calls.

3. Personalize your approach

While your script provides a framework for your sales calls, it's important to personalize your approach for each prospect. Research the prospect and their company before you call, and use that information to tailor your message to their specific needs and pain points.

This is where human-to-human engagement is effective with telephone sales, something that is difficult to replicate with digital approaches to sales. ReadyMode’s team looks to enable the human element into our dialer through best practices such as scripting.

4. Use a dialer

A dialer can help you monitor and analyze your sales calls. You can use it to track the number of calls you make, the length of your calls, and the outcomes of your calls (e.g., successful, no answer, busy, etc.). By analyzing this data, you can identify trends and adjust your strategy as needed.

With ReadyMode’s Live Floor Monitoring, you can monitor agent performance in real-time from one screen, with the ability to listen, whisper, or interject on a live call.

5. Follow up consistently

Not every sales call will result in an immediate sale. That's why it's important to follow up consistently with your prospects. Blend digital communication and call them back at a later time to check in and see if they have any questions or concerns. Persistence and consistency can pay off in the long run.

We understand sales and with our Agent Callback Calendar, you can increase agent efficiency and productivity with personalized, agent-specific folders and callback calendars that sync with Google Calendar.

6. Measure your success

Finally, it's important to measure your success and track your results. Set clear goals for your sales calls, such as the number of calls you want to make each day, the number of leads you want to generate, or the revenue you want to generate. Use a CRM system or a spreadsheet to track your progress and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Dialing with ReadyMode’s Predictive Dialer

Without a doubt,  the telephone can be a powerful tool for sales and marketing if used correctly. By building a targeted list of prospects, developing a script, personalizing your approach, using a predictive dialer, following up consistently, and measuring your success, you can increase your sales revenue, lead transfers, and customer engagement. Remember, it takes practice and persistence to succeed, but the results can be well worth the effort.

Now let’s not forget just because telephone sales can be considered traditional, your dialing method doesn’t have to be. With ReadyMode’s all-in-one predictive dialer solution, you can be sure that you will be able to connect your agents with more leads in less time through lightning-fast dialing, powerful automation, and reporting that rocks all while making you more money.

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