What is DID Reputation?

DID Reputation, short for “Direct Inward Dialing Reputation,” is an essential component for call centers. It measures how credible a particular number is when it’s making outbound calls to customers, clients or prospects. Making sure that the numbers you dial with are ‘clean’ helps boost your contact rates, and keep your agents talking for longer. Modern predictive dialing software often comes with a reputation management tool already integrated. This makes it easy to prevent your outbound numbers from appearing as Spam or Scam Likely.

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  • Caller ID Reputation
  • Outbound Call Reputation

Why is DID Reputation important?

Maintaining a strong, clean Caller ID reputation is important call centers for a few reasons. First, it impacts the rate that recipients answer calls. A phone number with a strong reputation is more likely to be answered it they trust the source of the call. This means that your number won’t pop up as “Spam” or “Scam Likely” to your clients or prospects. However, if a number has a poor reputation, it can lead to calls being ignored or sent to voicemail. Drastically reducing the chances of your agents making successful connections. Plus, it builds trust in your business in two ways – customers will know who is trying to reach them, and they’ll be able to call you back directly.

Additionally, DID Reputation is key for regulatory compliance. All over the US, there are strict rules and regulations that govern outbound calling practices. Regulatory bodies like the FCC and TCPA aim to protect consumers from spam and unsolicited calls. Maintaining a positive DID Reputation ensures that your call center complies with these regulations and avoids potential legal issues and fines.

Want to learn how to stop your phone numbers from showing up as spam? Read our blog post, How to Maximize the Reputation & Lifespan of Your DIDs.

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