Benefits of DID Reputation Management

DID Reputation measures how credible a particular number is when it’s used for making outbound calls. DIDs and how you manage them can have a big impact on your ability to connect with your potential customers. Maintaining control over the numbers you use for dialing and knowing which numbers are “clean” significantly impacts the likelihood of your call being answered. 

Modern predictive dialing platforms, like Readymode iQ come with DID reputation already integrated so you can experience the benefits immediately. 

Why is DID Reputation Management Important?

Managing your DID reputation is an essential component of a successful call center strategy. Call centers and telemarketing company owners who optimize the use of their DIDs will experience increased answer rates, have more conversations and meet their targets faster. 

Benefits of DID Reputation Management 

  1. Improved Contact Rate

Call centers will significantly increase call delivery and answer rates and connect with more prospects when they are properly managing DID reputation and only using “clean” numbers for dialing.  

  1. Better Lead Management 

Knowing exactly when your DIDs are flagged means you don’t waste time dialing on numbers no one will pick up. When you call on a flagged number, your call won’t be picked up and that valuable lead is gone for good. DID Reputation gives you insight into the numbers that will give you the most chance of success. 

  1. Increased Calls to Connect Rate

Significantly reduce agent wait time when you reduce the number of calls needed to connect.

  1. More Agent Efficiency & Satisfaction

DID Reputation helps increase call delivery and talk time, optimizing your agents efficiency, and their chances of hitting target. Happy agents who can hit their numbers, will stay longer. 

  1. See What Your Customer Sees

Unlike any other platform, Readymode iQ leverages our own STIR/SHAKEN token and premium routes to connect with real devices, giving you a true picture of how your calls appear to the leads you’re dialing. Our screenshots show you exactly what your leads see, giving your agents the power to dial confidently.

  1. Reduced Compliance Risks: 

Effective DID management can help call centers mitigate compliance risks associated with regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Do Not Call (DNC) lists. There are strict rules in the United States in place to protect consumers from spam and unsolicited outbound calling and failure to comply, can result in fines and legal issues. DID Reputation is a layer of protection every call center needs. 

Having DID Reputation within your dialing platform is an indispensable tool for driving call center success. Not all dialing software offers DID Reputation so be careful when evaluating platforms. When you have intelligence into the numbers you’re using to dial, you will increase your answer rates, have more conversations and reduce compliance risk. Invest in a platform that gives you what you need for success. 

About Readymode

Readymode is a cloud-based, predictive dialer software that helps call centers dial faster and connect smarter, so they can grow revenue, increase contact rates and make every call count. Our industry-leading, all-in-one platform delivers everything call centers need to make more connections, maximize agent productivity and scale their businesses affordably. Our latest release, Readymode iQ, includes innovative tools for compliance, DID management, call cadencing and more, so you can protect your revenue, and your reputation – all at an affordable cost. See what makes us the only choice for your call center and book your demo today!

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