Readymode secures $4M venture debt financing from ScotiaBank

A Vancouver company specializing in software for call centres managed to dial the right number when seeking its latest cash infusion. Inc. revealed Wednesday that it has secured $4 million in venture debt as it seeks to nearly double its headcount and target more enterprise clients in the coming year.

The investment was led by ScotiaBank’s Technology and Innovation Banking arm.

The company — previously known as XenCALL — currently employs 63 workers across Canada. Most of those workers are in B.C. but the goal is to hit 100 employees by year’s end with the latest influx in funding, according to CEO Jason Jantz.

The Vancouver Readymode team was based at Bentall Centre up until the pandemic forced them to go completely remote as of March 13, 2020.

But Jantz told BIV those workers are now in the process of moving back into the downtown digs and the company is looking to recruit what he described as “hard to find” voice engineers.

“Our talent pool went from just Greater Vancouver to across Canada so you know we’ve been actively hiring all these people,” he said, referring to the impacts of remote work over the past year-plus.

“We’re actually opening a brick and mortar office right now in Montreal because we’ve got a nice hub of people there and they want to get back into the office.”

Readymode’s software is designed to boost the productivity of call center agents by measuring how busy they are, how much talk time they’re accumulating, predicting who to call, when to call and what strategies to use.

The company has just shy of 1,900 clients — all based in the U.S. — who are involved in everything from solar companies to fundraising.

Jantz said with the $4 million in hand, the company is setting its sights on expanding its software from its focus beyond mid-market, small-to-medium-sized businesses.

“This is our opportunity here to reposition ourselves for this shift out market into the enterprise,” he said.

Original Source: Business in Vancouver.

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