Readymode iQ Adds Powerful Dialing Intelligence, Helping Call Centers Dramatically Increase Connect Rates.

Readymode iQ strengthens its industry-leading call center platform with the addition of a robust DID management module and call cadencing, helping call centers boost their call deliverability and answer rates. 

Vancouver, Canada, June 3, 2024 – Readymode, a leading provider of predictive dialing software for call centers, announced the release of Readymode iQ, its enhanced call center platform featuring new DID reputation management and call cadencing modules. Since 2014, Readymode has been committed to helping call centers connect faster and sell more. This latest release strengthens an already rich platform with the addition of comprehensive features that will help call centers proactively engage with their customers and dramatically improve their call deliverability and answer rates.

CEO and Founder Jason Jantz is excited about the possibilities this new release brings to call center users. “Readymode iQ incorporates the functionality and dialing speed of our core software that our users value, with some new, innovative tools for DID reputation management, call cadencing and more, ” said Jason. “Customers that had early access to the Readymode iQ platform started experiencing an immediate positive impact to their business, and their bottom line, including increases in their call to connect rate and answer rates with these new features.” 

Each Readymode iQ license includes the new DID reputation module, 30 clean DIDs, a call cadencing module with custom cadencing for playlists and campaigns, and an autopilot feature that ensures a call center only calls on clean DIDs for major carriers. Users who qualify can also take advantage of Readymode’s Voicemail Drop, that enables pre-recorded voicemail delivery, and the Risk Management System (RMS) that protects businesses from making accidental calls to leads registered on the Do-Not-Call (DNC) list. The combination of features in each Readymode iQ license is made to help call centers scale and protect their businesses, so they can focus on what’s most important – driving revenue and gaining customers. 

In addition to innovative modules to improve call delivery and answer rates, customer support with 1:1 personalized implementation and zero set-up fees is also standard in Readymode iQ.  

“Our DID Reputation module was designed to proactively warn call centers when the numbers they are using to make dials may be flagged by the major carriers as Spam/Scam Likely,” said Imed Yahmadi, CTO of Readymode. “For call centers, having advanced insight into the health of their DIDs and only using legitimate numbers that won’t be flagged is not only critical to ensuring their calls get answered, but also protects their DID investment,” said Imed.

As Readymode celebrates a decade in call center software, the company remains dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions that help call centers increase contact rates and grow their revenue. Learn more about Readymode iQ.

About Readymode

Readymode is a cloud-based, predictive dialer software that helps call centers dial faster and connect smarter, so they can grow revenue, increase contact rates and make every call count. Our industry-leading, all-in-one platform delivers everything call centers need to make more connections, maximize agent productivity and scale their businesses affordably. Our latest release, Readymode iQ, includes innovative tools for compliance, DID management, call cadencing and more, so you can protect your revenue, and your reputation. See what makes us the only choice for your call center at 

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