Lead Management

From capture to close, track every stage of the lead lifecycle

Generate leads and spend less time in the weeds with our powerful, easy to use lead management software. Personalize engagement, automate follow-up and close deals faster.

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Lead segmentation, simplified.

Build targeted call lists with just a few clicks. Dial and nurture leads through different stages of the funnel without ever leaving your CRM.

Caller-ID Proximity Matching.

Extend your reach. Own and display phone numbers with area codes closest in proximity to all the leads you dial.

Comprehensive Lead Profiles.

See the full picture. Customize a lead’s profile using different form fields and target it with your predictive dialer.


Manage leads more effectively.

Qualify, nurture, and close leads all in one place. Keep your pipeline uncluttered so agents prioritize the most important deals.

Custom Dispositions and Queues.

Build better workflows. Prioritize leads to fit your agents’ processes using custom call dispositions and queues.

Agent and Dial-List Prioritization.

Automate lead assignment. Match agents with custom dialing lists through queues based on skill level and lead importance.


We have been using ReadyMode since 2017 and we absolutely love this company. We tried other auto dialing companies and they were very complex and had horrible customer service. ReadyMode has gone over and beyond our expectations and we really appreciate their user friendly portal and customer service!”

Machelle Kinser

Boost sales productivity and remove friction from the deal cycle.

Gain better pipeline visibility, streamline processes and automate manual tasks with an all-in-one solution.
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Dynamic Sales Scripts.

Turn conversations into conversions. Create custom scripts with dynamically generated lead data embedded.

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Do-Not-Call Lists.

Stay compliant. Import, export, filter and edit your DNC list with custom filtering for comprehensive telemarketing compliance.

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Third-Party Lead Posting.

Keep your data in one place. Automatically import leads into ReadyMode from third-party vendors or website forms.

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Speed Configuration.

The fastest predictive dialer in the industry. Configure the dialer speed to dial multiple channels in the background with up to 12 lines per agent.

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