Predictive Dialing in Insurance Sales

Insurance is big, in fact, it’s one of the largest industries in the United States at over 1 trillion dollars in premiums. That amounts to a lot of telephone calls, conversations, and engagements with prospects and customers.

The market for insurance is diverse and thus very competitive, meaning outbound dialing insurance agents and teams are dialing for pace and connections. With the complexity of leads, campaigns, and performance data for these outbound teams, they need a predictive dialer to maintain that pace while handling automation and scale.

This is where ReadyMode’s predictive dialing solution can help.

Did you know…

There is a lot of evidence that highlights the need for speed, volume, and accuracy in the industry in terms of connecting people to the right insurance providers that suit their needs.

Readymode helps Integral Resource reduce cost per agent hour by 25%.With Readymode’s predictive dialer, each agent is able to utilize multiple lines.Readymode improves your sales and marketing conversions by up to 300%.

Automation is more challenging, however. Many companies said they can complete a wide spectrum of actions digitally—from product customization to efficient claims processing—but many of those services have yet to be built or offered with enough accuracy to fully replace human capabilities.

McKinsey, 2021

The need for urgency and pace continues to increase as you compete for engagement with prospects and customers. This is where a fast and efficient dialer is a must-have for your call center and sales teams.

What Can a Predictive Dialer Do?

So what can outbound dialing with Readymode do for your insurance team? For us, we like to break it down into a few simple areas:

Expand your reachBuilt with security in mind
Beat your competition to the punch and reach more insurance leads with lightning fast predictive-dialing technology.Safeguard consumer privacy and comply with FCC and TCPA with sophisticated sales verification procedures.
Make data-driven decisionsDo more with fewer tools
Get a 360-degree view of your leads and prospects to create an informed, comprehensive business strategy.Connect your CRM and dialer to bring all your data into one system so your agents aren’t overwhelmed with tools.

We’ve made a visual journey for you to get started that you can view here. However, getting speed and consistency in your dialing with ReadyMode is easy:

  • It begins when an agent places an outbound call — or outbound calls, plural, because ReadyMode’s predictive dialer supports multiple lines per agent. This is a major differentiator, as no other solution on the market can match this volume. Traditionally, providers will make you pay for additional lines, which means you need to invest more money — and then invest in more agents to handle them.
  • These time and cost savings are made possible by industry-leading automation and intelligent data analytics. Not only does this increase speed, but dynamic lead targeting means that all outbound calls are serving a strategic purpose, maximizing the chance of connecting with credible prospects.

Readymode’s predictive dialer brings in better results, faster. The combination of a customizable dialer with multiple lines per agent, along with automated speed controls, means that agent talk time can be tripled — and users have improved their sales and marketing conversions by up to 300%.

Key Features for Insurance Dialing

Ultimately there are also a few specific features your agents need to make more connections and drive more insurance sales.

Shorten the time from call to close.

Insurance customers consult an average of 12 resources over a period of four weeks or longer. Speed up the sales cycle with best-in-class technology.

Effective lead management.

Increase your call center’s conversions. Automate third-party lead posting and get agile reports of inbound lead providers with detailed lead-penetration statuses.

Third-Party Verification.

Protect your business. Record all stages of the verification process with CPA-capping and shield your agents from miscommunicated consumer-account changes.

Custom Lead Profiles.

Create strategic outreach campaigns. Configure profiles using different form fields and easily import/export the data or target it with your dialer.


As you continue to digitize your sales processes to handle the growing demand. Make sure that your outbound sales dialing efforts are best optimized by a best-in-class predictive dialer that can help you set up your teams for success. By leveraging technology, you can make smarter and quicker decisions that will allow you to invest more time into high-impact sales activities.

With Readymode, our dialing solution will help you automate your processes so that your agents can improve their productivity which will directly impact your sales performance. From dialing, reporting, and customer record management, Readymode will optimize your automations.

A big advantage of having more time is being able to engage with customers and build a strong connection with them. We have said it before at Readymode where we believe an emphasis on the human element is essential to the sustainable customer experience journey. From scripting to objection dialogue —you can focus your efforts on creating a better customer experience while your dialer works your leads for you.

The ability to adapt your dialing process to include automation will solve many challenges and connect you to more customers, faster, and ultimately make more sales.

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