How to Utilize a Dialer in Real Estate

Real estate has been in the news quite a lot recently. During the pandemic, we saw low-interest rates with a lot of property transactions.

For example,

In March 2023, there were 1,419,003 homes for sale in the United States, up 7.7% year over year.”

Redfin – U.S. Housing Market Overview

There is no doubt that the amount of potential that exists in buying and selling real estate is growing at a record pace. Subsequently, there are a lot of real estate firms that are looking to contact their leads.

Dialing in Real Estate and Why Does it Matter?

Similar to how a typical contact center looks to contact their leads – real estate businesses have some parallels on how they can best manage their outbound dialing practice to reach sellers.

When you take a look at a snapshot of some real estate statistics in the United States:

6.9 Million HomesLess Than 10 Days45 Years Old
Were sold in the United States in 2021

That’s a lot of leads.
Is the median that listing was on the market in the US.

This is an example of why fast and efficient dialing matters.
Is the age of the typical seller in the United States

A generation that still very much utilizes the telephone to conduct business.

There is a lot of evidence that highlights the need for speed, volume, and accuracy in the industry in terms of connecting people to the right real estate firms that suit their needs.

Let’s highlight a few ways an outbound predictive dialer can be utilized in real estate.

Best Practices

What is Relevant as You Dial?

  • Sellers
    • Make the most of your leads. Don’t let them expire by dialing fast and accurately.
  • Scripts
    • Utilize your calling and dialer by scripting and driving your calling process forward with confidence.
  • Data
    • Keep yourself organized – data is everything so is keeping track of your contacts, nurtures, and results.

Dialing with Readymode

To put it simply, Readymode works with our clients and understands the key requirement is a dialer that is faster and more efficient.

This means that the dialer must be able to dial multiple numbers simultaneously on behalf of a team and transfers answered calls to an available representative. With an advanced predictive dialer, you can choose parameters for call routing to ensure the right rep talks to the lead. This type of dialer may also automatically adjust its call rate to your agents’ availability so that calls don’t go unanswered.

If your team prioritizes talk time, this is the option for you. Readymode’s predictive dialer has the potential to triple agent talk time and increase conversions by as much as 300%. Below are the key methods to maximize your dialing in real estate:

Let Your Dialer Connect You to More Deals

Contact and nurture your connections with various dialer advantages.

Data at your fingertips.Full cycle platform.
Get custom reports for analytics, insights into the current market, and more.Manage the end-to-end buying or selling process for your clients with confidence.
Perfect for on the go.Streamline your workflows.
Organize your schedule, communicate with clients, and add notes to properties, anytime, from anywhere.Give your team the tools they need to stay on top of important details and complete real estate transactions.

Flip more properties with an all-in-one predictive dialer and CRM solution.

Connect with more home sellers and flip houses quicker with the fastest dialer on the market. Increase your call center’s conversions with automated third-party lead posting, custom lead targeting, agile reports of inbound lead providers, and detailed lead-penetration statuses. Learn more about Readymode’s all-in-one system.

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