Dial, Connect, and Engage With More Customers

Readymode’s predictive dialer offers intelligent automation, user-friendly design, and unparalleled speed to help you connect with more leads in less time. Increase productivity and achieve better results, all at an affordable cost.

There is no doubt that the telephone is still one of the most utilized methods for sales teams to communicate with their customers. Prospecting and customer engagement are frequently conducted with telephone calls when looking to maintain pace and success.

Over time with the introduction of internet communication methods and increasing call regulations, sales teams have had to pivot their approaches and adapt while maintaining dialing success.

This is where the internet and telephone calls have merged to provide a great outbound dialing solution like Readymode’s predictive dialing platform. Our solution representatives, customer success team, and IT support are here to help you utilize tools configured to best support your dialing and sales goals.

Did you know?

  • Readymode helps Integral Resource reduce cost per agent hour by 25%
  • ReadMode improves your sales and marketing conversions by up to 300%

There is a lot of evidence that highlights the need for speed, volume, and accuracy in the industry in terms of connecting people to the right real estate firms that suit their needs.

The need for urgency and pace continues to increase as you compete for engagement with prospects and customers. This is where a fast and efficient dialer is a must-have for your call center and sales teams.

Predictive Dialing in Call Centers and Sales

Predictive dialing software has disrupted today’s sales landscape, and the timing couldn’t be better. With capped dialing speeds, expensive usage rates, and prospects that would prefer to begin their sales journeys on a website rather than a cold call, telemarketers are dealing with a range of challenges that can only be solved by smarter technology.

We’ve made a visual journey for you to get started that you can view here. However, getting speed and consistency in your dialing with Readymode is easy:

  • It begins when an agent places an outbound call — or outbound calls, plural, because Readymode’s predictive dialer supports multiple lines per agent. This is a major differentiator, as no other solution on the market can match this volume. Traditionally, providers will make you pay for additional lines, which means you need to invest more money — and then invest in more agents to handle them.
  • These time and cost savings are made possible by industry-leading automation and intelligent data analytics. Not only does this increase speed, but dynamic lead targeting means that all outbound calls are serving a strategic purpose, maximizing the chance of connecting with credible prospects.

Readymode’s predictive dialer brings in better results, faster. Our dialer’s automated speed control means that agent talk time can be tripled — and users have improved their sales and marketing conversions by up to 300%.

Moving Forward

Running your call center and sales teams like clockwork means optimizing your dialing. As you connect with leads, engage with customers to build relationships, and generate revenue, the least of your worries should be your predictive dialer.

But not all predictive dialers are created equal. From its intelligent automation to its user-friendly design and unparalleled speed, Readymode’s predictive dialer is in a whole other category. It intelligently connects agents with more leads in less time so that you can make more connections, and maximize agent productivity—all at an affordable cost.

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