Giving Back - The Warren Kean Memorial Bursary

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Foundation of Learning and Community

At ReadyMode, we are incredibly proud of our community. We want to support the next generation of entrepreneurs, and we believe that they can be found right here in British Columbia. One of the ways that we are accomplishing this is with our bursary partnership with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

Alongside BCIT, ReadyMode has established The Warren Kean Memorial Bursary for one student enrolled in the Marketing Management Professional Sales program who is pursuing a career in Sales and Marketing.

Building Opportunities

The foundation of ReadyMode’s BCIT Bursary all starts with Warren Kean and his ability to inspire those around him. Warren was one of the founding members and first CEO of what was then called XenCall. He was a true leader that immersed himself in the business culture of nurturing those around him to grow and become successful. He sought out opportunities for others and challenged them to reach their potential. 

When discussing what this bursary would mean to Warren, those that were close to him at ReadyMode discussed some common themes:

A Bright Future

As a mentor, Warren often built a framework for those around him to have a future full of success. It always started with trust and determination. This bursary aims to help drive a student’s future goals of success.


Warren led by example, with motivation, and with a focus on removing limits. The bursary is truly about removing barriers to education and empowering students to focus on their education and career paths.


It was no secret that Warren looked at people’s potential above all else. Education is no different, it is about harnessing momentum in a student’s knowledge and life experience. With the bursary, we hope to be part of that journey, something that Warren would do on a daily basis.

For us here at ReadyMode, his impact is everlasting for so many of us and this bursary is one of the many ways that we hope to carry his values forward.


Looking Forward

At ReadyMode we build upon the following core values:
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These core values are what we would like the bursary to showcase in Warren’s memory. His pursuit of development is truly what this is all about.

This bursary is our hope of providing students with the chance to truly dive deep into their education and focus on the things that matter to them. An opportunity for someone to really change their life. The team here at ReadyMode is proud to have this opportunity and more importantly, we know that Warren would be proud of the students that are pursuing their dreams.

Apply for the bursary

For more information on eligibility, application, and selection on BCIT’s bursary with ReadyMode. Please visit their Awards, Scholarships, and Bursaries page