Predictive Dialing with Speed

Dial Leads Faster & Increase Revenue, Transfers, and Engagement
Predictive Dialing with Speed

By definition, predictive dialing is a technique used in outbound teams to increase productivity and efficiency by automating the dialing process.

With predictive dialing, the dialer automates dialing and connects agents to live calls only when someone answers the phone. This allows agents to spend more time talking to customers and less time dialing, waiting for voicemails, or dealing with busy signals.

Save Time for What Matters, Increased Engagement and Revenue

Speed is an essential factor in predictive dialing because the faster the system can dial numbers, the more calls agents can handle, and the more productive your team will be in generating revenue and increasing lead transfers.

Critically, with ReadyMode you can configure the predictive auto dialer speed to your specifications to dial multiple channels in the background. In this blog, we'll discuss how predictive dialing with speed works and its benefits.

It begins when an agent places an outbound call — or outbound calls, plural, because ReadyMode’s predictive dialer supports up to 28 lines per agent.

How Predictive Dialing with Speed Works

Predictive dialing with speed works by using complex algorithms to predict the best time to dial a phone number based on factors like the number of available agents, call abandonment rates, and call duration. With ReadyMode’s outbound dialer. you are able to call multiple phone numbers simultaneously, and when someone answers the phone, the dialer automatically routes the call to an available agent.

To achieve maximum speed, you can dial up to 28 lines per agent, allowing them to handle several calls at once. Additionally, you can make use of voice recognition technology to screen calls, identify voicemails, and route calls to the appropriate agent. Some main benefits are:

  • Increased Productivity

By automating the dialing process and connecting agents only to live calls, predictive dialing with speed allows agents to spend more time speaking with customers and less time dialing or waiting for voicemails. This increased efficiency translates into more calls handled per hour, which translates into increased revenue for your call center and/or sales teams.

  • Reduced Call Abandonment

When a customer receives a busy signal or is forced to wait on hold for an extended period, they may become frustrated and abandon the call. Predictive dialing with speed reduces call abandonment by connecting agents to live calls quickly, reducing the amount of time customers have to wait on hold.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Customers appreciate prompt responses and quick resolutions to their inquiries. Predictive dialing with speed allows agents to provide fast, personalized service to customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates.

  • Better Data Collection

Predictive dialing collects data on the number of calls made, the number of live answers, the duration of calls, and the number of abandoned calls. This data can be used to optimize call center operations and improve customer service.

ReadyMode’s predictive dialer brings in better results, faster. The combination of a customizable auto dialer with 28 lines per agent, along with automated speed controls, means that agent talk time can be tripled — and users have improved their sales and marketing conversions by up to 300%. 


Predictive dialing with speed is an effective technique for increasing dialing productivity and efficiency. By automating the dialing process and connecting your team to live calls quickly, your business can handle more calls per hour, reduce call abandonment, and improve the customer experience.

As technology continues to evolve, we can expect predictive dialing with speed to become even more efficient, providing further benefits to call centers, and sales teams as they look to increase engagement with their customers and generate more revenue.

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