Employee Spotlight – Ruqayya Abdulla

Ruqayya is our sales enablement and sales development rep manager.
Employee Spotlight – Ruqayya Abdulla


Say hi to Ruqayya!

Ruqayya is our sales enablement and sales development rep manager. She collaborates with various teams and resources at ReadyMode to ensure our sales team has what they need to be successful.

Ultimately it's about making sure our contacts become customers by receiving the solution that they need.”

Ruqayya Abdulla

Her ReadyMode Experience

After working in various industries like Telecom and EdTech, working for ReadyMode in comparison has been a life-changing experience for her.

She has been able to do her best work but also delivers on a work/life balance that she has always dreamt of. All of this while working with and meeting incredible people as we continue to grow our business, teams, and culture.

My 3 words to describe ReadyMode?
Motivated, Relaxed, Upward”

Ruqayya Abdulla

A Little About Her

Ruqayya is known to be a super relaxed person who loves to spend time with family and friends.

She spent over 10 years living in Toronto and that was a great perspective before coming back to the West Coast as she has made some great connections (She’s even convinced some of them to move here!).

When she's not in Ready-Mode *insert comedy drum* You can usually find Ruqayya with her cat or her niece and nephew!

What’s Next

Keep refining the team that she is building and the processes that are being implemented.

As a start-up, there are a lot of resources that need ironing out. For her team, they believe that our solution-first approach will benefit our customers because it truly is about how we can improve their processes and make their lives easier.

I’m proud to be implementing resource-enhancing processes for my team as I nurture and grow it to its potential”

Ruqayya Abdulla

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