Employee Spotlight – Lara Javalyn

Lara is our Scale Customer Success Manager. She makes sure that our customers have the best experience possible.
Employee Spotlight – Lara Javalyn


Say hello to Lara!

Lara is our Scale Customer Success Manager. She helps make sure that customers have the best experience possible using ReadyMode.

More importantly, Lara lives in Ontario on a 50-acre hobby farm! She has had a great career with many types of jobs - she was once a Community Relations Coordinator at a museum!

I help provide the best experience to scale success with the ReadyMode dialer.

Lara Javalyn

Her Role

For Lara, her focus is working with our small business customers directly, in groups, and developing tools and content to support whatever they want to learn about ReadyMode, whenever they want.

Her focus every day is to help customers get started dialing fast and scale their success!

Understanding the daily challenges and best practices of a sales rep has helped me advise customers on how to drive growth.”

Lara Javalyn

What She Enjoys

Aside from horses, fresh country air, and helping customers, Lara enjoys working at ReadyMode (honest!)

For Lara, ReadyMode has allowed her to take her experience and skills working in marketing, customer service, and account management to the next level in creativity and productivity. Overall, there's a great level of freedom and collaboration here that she thrives on!

What’s Next

Continuing to be customer-centric - the Success team's mission is all about being customer-focused. It's in our daily thoughts and activities.

Working with customers in all approaches to find out their needs and help them scale for success!

Beyond that? Enjoy summer!

Want to be part of the ReadyMode team? Join us today!

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