Employee Spotlight – Jason Pereira

Meet JP! JP is our fearless sales leader - he’s been here since the start and has helped build all of our successes since our Xencall days.
Employee Spotlight – Jason Pereira


Say hello to JP!

JP is our fearless sales leader - he’s been here since the start and has helped build all of our successes since our Xencall days.

He is a great leader who looks to help others at any time with a great sense of urgency. All while trying to have fun without the stress - transparent and reliable!

His Role

ReadyMode is in a competitive market where customers are dedicated to their success paths - they need a platform that maximizes their ability to reach their goals. JP is often critical in providing our customers a great shot at success through ReadyMode’s product and solution offering.

He prides himself on being able to help with small customer challenges up to the large customers that have very critical onboarding processes where he utilizes sessions of troubleshooting and problem solving to make their onboarding successful.

"Understanding the daily challenges and successes of a sales rep has allowed me to become a leader in driving growth at ReadyMode."

JP, VP of Sales at ReadyMode

What He Enjoys

JP really enjoys the strong sense of family and belonging where everyone is invested in their growth as well as the growth of the team.

When JP was here at the beginning, there were only a handful of people and we’ve grown to teams that carry pride and ownership of where ReadyMode will go next - the DNA of the company is that we are here to help and find success for everyone involved, especially our customers.

What’s Next

Everyone at ReadyMode agrees that JP is super relaxing, easy to work with, and is incredibly determined.

With his tenacity and ability to lead our teams he has helped build a strong culture that has been fostered throughout the sales group and beyond. He believes that different backgrounds and depths of experience have added to everyone's ability to be successful and work on their craft.

JP’s view on ReadyMode is that we should be known for Always Being Ready - with that in mind, he continues to solve challenges for our customers by working with them to maximize their business through ReadyMode’s product and solution offering - our best-in-class outbound predictive dialer with a partnership approach to working with our customers.

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