Calldi Optimized Sales Dialing with ReadyMode and Finds Success

Discover how ReadyMode's predictive dialer technology led to an increased amount of sales for Calldi's successful business.
Calldi Optimized Sales Dialing with ReadyMode and Finds Success
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Dialing into nearly a dozen markets across the United States, Calldi was in need of a dialing solution that would enable their reps to run campaigns and cycle through their data with ease.

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At first, they looked at other dialers that overpromised functionality and ease of use.
Calldi found that the core need for a dialer to manage and cycle through leads efficiently and effectively was best supported by ReadyMode.


Since their implementation of ReadyMode, they are scaled to double-digit agents as well as a quality assurance team.
Since 2020, they have been able to keep on top of their leads, and make great connections and sales

Partnering with ReadyMode

Being apart of ReadyMode, Calldi has seen these two metric increase:

  • +33% Productivity
  • Effective Lead Rotation

About Calldi

Calldi’s main business is managing a call center and marketing and sales reps for their partners in the real estate sector. Calldi currently operates in nearly a dozen states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Colorado, with a large team consisting of sales and quality assurance representatives.

ReadMode’s dialer works and is straightforward. My favorite thing about ReadyMode out of everything is your support. It is pretty awesome!”


Lead Management

Calldi’s main challenge was lead management. As they scaled and grew the business, their data and lead management required a dialing solution that could automate a lot of the tasks.

So what does good lead management look like in ReadyMode’s predictive dialer? For Calldi, this meant assessing hundreds, thousands of leads and subsequently managing to best match the performance and goal criteria of their sales team.

With lead efficiency:

  • you are able to obtain/create your lead files, which can be imported into ReadyMode or added via API.
  • once leads are dispositioned, Lead Profiles are created
  • you are able to manage your lead distribution settings based on how you determine the dialer dials your Leads. These include Background Dialing Speed and DNC Rules.

However, the main challenge for Calldi was how leads were efficiently managed and that's where useful lead playlists and campaigns are effective. Many businesses struggle with effective lead management and that results in potentially damaging the reputation of the business itself as you burn out leads.

With ReadyMode, Calldi takes advantage of lead playlists and campaigns to enable them to call and manage the same leads in a different way to meet the business and sales plan.

When using playlists, Calldi is able to segment and prioritize their leads in the general leads queue according to criteria they select, such as campaign, location or number or times called.

When using multiple Campaigns, Calldi is able to:

  1. Manage duplicates on a per-campaign basis
  2. Disposition calls to the same lead differently for each Campaign
  3. Manage phone numbers, scripts, call results, TPV Hotkeys and CRM fields separately for each campaign

Ultimately for Calldi, they needed a dialer that would automate and work for them, not against them. With ReadyMode, this boils down to worry-free dialing with features and a customer success team that enables outbound dialing success.

Time, KPIs, & Reporting

For Calldi, lead efficiency was not the only area of focus for improvement when dialing with ReadyMode. As a growing and successful sales team, their outbound dialing performance needs measurement and analytics.

KPIs really matter, and we're not talking about it a few dollars or a few small decisions. We're talking about big money and big decisions, being made based on the data


Effective reporting on KPIs and performance can make a massive impact on the financial performance of any call center or sales team. By getting insight into what’s working and what’s not is useful you can maximize your agent productivity.

At ReadyMode, we look to provide a highly functional level of reporting and analytics to meet data demands with

Out-of-the-box reporting.

Ditch the spreadsheets. ReadyMode provides hundreds of pre-built dashboards and reports that automatically track your most important metrics.

Custom Lead Profiles.

Data the way you want it. Filter sales and activity numbers based on the pipeline, source, or other custom lead fields.

Activity reporting.

Track top performers. Win rate, lead conversion, and sales forecast analytics give useful insights into agent performance.

Custom Agent Statuses.

Customize to how you do business. Create custom agent statuses as variables to generate dynamic agent and payroll reports.

Calldi has scaled to the point where they are making big decisions that affect big dollars, which is why they need effective KPI reporting and real-time dashboards. With ReadyMode, they aim to keep their team connected to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Looking Forward

As Calldi continues to scale their outbound sales dialing across the United States with ReadyMode, they plan to be experts in cold calling, lead generation, and everything in between that they use ReadyMode for. With smart data, a focus on analytics for success, and an effective fast-paced dialer, there are only great things ahead for Calldi!

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